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“Promoting me equals success for me!” is a self promotion, life opportunity skill designed for you to fully capitalize on any life opportunity that crosses your way. What does Madonna, Lady GaGa and Rihanna all have in common besides being singers?  They are known as not the greatest singers but why they make much more money than their industry peers is because they have or the people who manages their careers has taught them the art of “self promotion“.  We have taught our past graduates how to build their confidence and then earn several times more than their peers.  Our graduates at RIMATA has earned while they learned and have gone on to accomplish great things.  You can too! We have discovered that modelling and talent agencies can not guarantee consistent work but RIMATA does!   RIMATA has lucrative employment opportunities in order for you to promote yourself so you can earn above average money and hone your skills between your growing gigs while you work on establishing yourself in your field and at the same time, RIMATA strives to make you into a brand.  This life opportunity skill and attitude is taught to all RIMATA candidates.  “You need to have the passion, if you want to be successful in fashion.” RIMATA manages, promotes, finds work and negotiates contracts for aspiring:

  • actors.
  • musicians.
  • models.
  • professional athletes.
  • and other people in various entertainment or broadcast businesses.

Future services will include fashion design.






Begin developing and building your image for your career goals by participating in the following:


Beauty pageants:

  • Miss. Black Beauty and Mr. Black Beauty.
  • Miss. Nubian and Mr. Nubian.

$1,000.00 entry fee*.


  • first place - $25,000.00.
  • second place - $10,000.00.
  • third place - $5,000.00.

* Your entry fee can be easily offset by using R.I.M.A.T.A.'s self promotion opportunities.


Calendar, magazine and print shoots:

  • Black Beauty - The world's most stunning.
  • Nubians and Beyond - The world's exotic.


Fashion shows:

  • The Black Beauty Collection.
  • Up and coming fashion designers.


Media opportunities:

  • T.V..
  • internet.
  • movie.
  • promotional events->  Friday, July 28, 2017 Caribbean Parade Eve Business and Consumer Expo! Click here  for complete details!  Apply at the Be a Model/Talent page.

We morn and stand with the LBGTQ community!

Pride anti-violence sticker

We and Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative stands with the LBGTQ community and send our prayers and thoughts to those who are mourning the loss of those who lost their lives at the Pulse club massacre in Orlando Florida on June 12, 2016. Read here to find how we will reduce youth gangs and gun-violence. Now proudly offering “PRIDE ANTI-VIOLENCE”  stickers for only $10.00 each.